Hiking Half Marathon

Tru di Pra / La Val - 2.6.2018

Hiking Half Marathon Tru di Pra at La Val – 2/6/2018

Step by step – Pristine nature, a rich cultural heritage and ancient traditions: welcome to the hiking village La Val …

The hiking half-marathon Tru Pra starting from La Val in Alta Badia, in the heart of the Ladin Dolomites, leads the hiker step by step, for about 23 km through the Rit meadows up to Ciamploret and to the Armentara meadows. The paths wind at the foot of the impressive Santa Croce massif, through flowery meadows and under a clear blue sky. It is a magical fusion of lights and colours.

Just a few meters after the start of the hiking marathon in the center of La Val, hikers are immersed in a unique natural and cultural landscape that has arose thanks to the conscientious work of our ancestors.

Those who want to cut the half marathon a little shorter can take the shuttle service from one point to another.

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  • Start: 9.00 pm – hiking village La Val (1354 m)
  • Arrival: hiking village La Val (1354 m)
  • Length: 23.20 km
  • Minimum height: 1310 m
  • Maximum height: 2130 m
  • Altitude difference: 820 m
  • Total difference in ascent: 1509 m
  • Signposts: 6, 15, 13, 13A, 15B, 18, 2
  • Average hiking time: 8 hours

Date: 2/6/2018

Start: 09:00
Duration: Approximately 8 hours
Registration: within 30/05/2018 (limited)
Price: 45,00 Euro*

*Start Package:

– 1 pair of hiking socks from La Val
– Massage oil from the Dolomites, for tired feet
– Drinks at supply stations
– Commemorative photo can be downloaded at www.laval-altabadia.com within 01/05/2017
– Soup lunch with drink
– Dinner in La Val
– „Wandernadel“ with commemorative certificate Tru di Pra (with fully stamped hiking map)
– Win one of 5 hiking shoes from AKU (in collaboration with Complojer Shoes)
– Hiking map

Recommended equipment

  • Solid footwear suitable for outdoor sports
  • Backpack with first aid kit
  • Adequate clothing and extra change of clothes
  • Mobile phone
  • Bottle to refill the refreshment points
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