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The summits of the Sasso Santa Croce Group (2907 m, Sas dla Crusc) are the striking symbol of La Val: To the east and south-east Undici Peak (3026 m, Sas dles Diesc), Nove Peak (2968 m, Sas dles Nü), Antoni Pass (Ju de Sant’Antone), Antoni Peak (2655 m, Piz de Sant’Antone) and Pares (2396 m, Sas de Crosta). To the south, the Armentara meadows (Pra d’Armentara) create the border between La Val and Badia.

Come to La Val for a hike in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park in the UNESCO World Nature Heritage site.

1. Tru de Paisc

Best foot forward through village life in La Val.
This is where our art and culture is brought to life for you. This little stroll, which will take about 40 minutes, also helps you to find your bearings and possibly also to plan your hiking.

2. Tru de meditaziun „memento vivere“

Best foot forward towards God.
An easy hike from the hiking start point (the new church) via several stations with small works of art by local artists and profound thoughts from Holy Scripture to St. Barbara’s Chapel and on to Altwengen (old church).
About 1 hour’s walk.

3. Roda dles Viles

Best foot forward to the Ladin mountain farmsteads.
This hamlet circuit or farm circuit leads across meadows painstakingly maintained by the farmers through the settlements of houses typical of Ladinia, the Viles, or hamlets, where old farmsteads, for example in the Gothic style, still stand. A weekly guided hike provides you with a wealth of information on mountain agriculture in earlier ages and today. There are two farms on this circular trial, where you can try typical Ladin dishes.
About 2½ hours’ walk.

4. Tru di Pra La Val

Best foot forward across the Rit pastures to Ciamploret into the marvellous world of the Armentara pastures.
The moment you leave our hiking start point you realise why La Val is a mountain meadow village. There are well-maintained green meadows as far as the eye can see. A cultural landscape from 1300 to more than 2000 m a.s.l. created by the painstaking work of our farming ancestors. The land is still farmed today with mechanical assistance and it is an even more important pillar to support our animal husbandry industry. The higher one climbs, the richer in species become the meadows from the nutrient-poor grassland on the Rit pastures to the marsh areas and larch meadows on Armentara. Lovely viewpoints, information cabins with children’s quizzes, lawns designated for sunbathing, a water playground, rest stops are features of this trail. If you prefer to split the 27 km of this hiking trail into several stages, short sections can be walked, if desired. Our hiking taxis are ready to meet you.

5. Tru di pra Pidrô

Best foot forward into the neighbouring villages of Campill and Badia.
From Pederoa to the Chi Jus mountain pastures this trail takes you towards the Puez Odle Nature Park. First of all, you discover the idyllic village of Campill and the Sass de Pütia on the right-hand side of the valley and then as you look towards Lavarella, you can see the village of Badia. On the return route into the valley the sound of the Cala de Gader/Gaderbach stream and a little natural pond, where our fishing club offers the opportunity to fish (advance bookings), awaits you. You can take several days to explore the whole area of the mountain meadow village or La Val and the “Tru di Pra” on foot. Our Tourist Information Office will be delighted to assist you in planning your hiking.

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